Membership Application

General Membership in CREW Orlando is open to commercial real estate (“CRE”) professionals with a minimum of 3 years experience in CRE. The CREW Orlando Bylaws identify the field of commercial real estate as professional services in the investment in, ownership, sale, development, management, leasing, or marketing of real property for business purposes.

Associate Membership in CREW Orlando is open to commercial real estate professionals with less than the minimum 3 years of applicable experience required for General Membership.

Affiliate Membership in CREW Orlando is open to any person having a minimum of 3 years of experience within the Commercial Real Estate industry that does not meet the requirements of General or Associate Membership, however the business provides services affiliated to the CRE industry (e.g. furniture vendors, flooring, HVAC, etc.). In addition to regular CREW dues,
Affiliate Members must pay upon membership approval an annual commitment fee of $1,000.00 (minimum), which may be designated towards a chapter sponsorship (see our Sponsorship page for sponsorship levels and benefits). Membership in CREW Orlando for Affiliate Companies will stay with the Company, and the Company shall designate a representative who will be the member receiving the benefits of CREW Orlando membership. In the event the designated representative leaves, or is no longer employed by the Company and the Company desires to designate a new CREW Orlando member/representative, then an application for the new representative must be submitted to CREW Orlando for approval; and the Company will be solely responsible for the payment of dues for the membership of the new representative once the new representative is approved by the CREW Orlando Board of Directors.

Membership (and all applicable benefits of membership) is held solely by individuals, not corporations, and is not transferable. All 2018 memberships expire December 31, 2018.

If you would prefer to fill out our PDF application, click here. Please email the completed application to Cindy Campbell, 2018 Director of Membership.