CREW Catalyst Award

The CREW Catalyst Award recognizes a CREW member or industry leader who has consistently demonstrated a commitment to advancing diverse women and serving as a catalyst for change in their company and throughout the industry. Qualified nominees will have a track record of implementing transformative programs such as cultural training, equity initiatives and advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in their companies, another industry-related organization or CREW Orlando. They will be a vocal advocate in the industry for equity, parity and inclusion. CREW Catalyst Award honorees do not have to be CREW members; however, they must be nominated by a CREW member.

Criteria for the CREW Catalyst Award may include:

  • a broad sphere of influence within the nominee’s oversight to execute change and transform culture within their company, region, another industry-related organization or CREW Orlando;
  • direct involvement with the creation of a culture within their companies, another industry-related organization or CREW Orlando that is inclusive and comprised of a diverse team of employees or members at all levels of the organization;
  • a demonstrated commitment to diversity, inclusion, equity and parity within their company, throughout the industry or CREW Orlando to developing diverse talent by creating opportunities for others to succeed and by leading change through individual mentoring, supportive policies and the highest standards of accountability; 
  • a willingness to reach beyond current responsibilities to create something bigger and better to make it happen.

Past Recipients:

John Crossman, Cindy Campbell