Economic and Community Involvement Award

Real estate projects can transform the built environment and have the power to transform and revitalize a community, often beyond the boundaries of the project. CREW Orlando members are involved in many aspects of a deal: conceptualizing, designing, financing and constructing. The Economic and Community Involvement Award honors CREW Orlando member(s) or company(ies) who played a pivotal role in a real estate project that had a significant and measurable positive impact on the Central Florida community. Nominee must include an active member, in good standing, of CREW Orlando. 

Examples of nominated successes may include, but are not limited to:

  • CREW Orlando member(s) or company(ies) that have been involved in the conversion of a blighted building into a multi-purpose project leading to revitalization of an area (e.g. rehab of an old office building into a showcase property that spurs additional rehab activity in the surrounding area);
  • pioneering by an individual CREW Orlando member or company that led others to follow and that culminated in a significant improvement to a neighborhood (e.g. the redesign of a dying mall into an alternative concept, redevelopment of an infill site) bringing new revenues to the area;
  • CREW Orlando member(s) or company(ies) involved in the design or development of affordable housing in a downtown neighborhood that provides workers a city residence rather than a suburban commute;
  • a CREW Orlando finance professional or company who creatively structured a transaction that resulted in a transformative project being able to move forward; and
  • a CREW Orlando architect who provides a unique design for a struggling project that adds value to the community and/or brings national recognition to that community.

The Economic & Community Involvement Award need only be awarded in years when the caliber of the nominations warrants it.

Past Recipients:

  • The 2022 CREW Orlando Community Outreach Committee: Courtney Keller, Sarah Kelly, Brent Barnes, Natalie Casey, Chiara Clatterbuck, Melinda Colon, Angela Flint, Danielle Gump, Charles Hawkins, Maria Lombardi, Debra Mairs, Melissa Service and Kelly Taylor
  • Downtown Redevelopment West of I-4 - Laurie Botts, City of Orlando.
  • Pulse Interim Memorial - Vicki Berman & Kristilee Chihos with Dean Mead.
  • Emeril Lagasse Foundation Kitchen & Culinary Garden - HuntonBrady Architects & TLC Engineering.
  • LIFT Orlando - Sandy Hostetter, Bill Dymond, Scott Boyd & Eddy Moratin.