Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

An entrepreneur is one who renews society and invigorates industry by seeking out and capitalizing on opportunities. Individual may own a company or work within a larger organization. Nominee provides services, develops products, or improves practices by innovatively organizing, developing, or deploying available resources. Nominee is often a risk taker, and is willing to step outside the box to create something new or different. The Entrepreneurial Spirit Award honors a CREW Orlando member who has achieved a unique career success or milestone as the result of an exceptional entrepreneurial spirit.

Criteria for the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award may include:

  • starting a new business enterprise or significantly expanding the business reach of current employer;
  • making a significant and successful career change into an emerging field or a new area of expertise or focus in the real estate industry, perhaps due to a need to significantly change in career path due to changes in the economy;
  • making contributions that foster commercial vitality within the industry, or capitalizing on new or changing opportunities in innovative ways;
  • creating new tools and technologies, new products, financing tools, or business practices, or developing creative business strategies or structures; and
  • length of time the nominee has been in the real estate industry.

Note that nominees with less than 25 years in the industry are eligible for this award.  However, they will not be eligible for the CREW Network award in this category.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit Award need only be awarded in years when the caliber of the nominations warrants it. 

Past Recipients:

Little, Michelle Lerner-Konopatski, Susan Godorov, Chiara Clatterbuck, Sarah Kelly, Betty Mason, Jennifer Ramski, Laura Barbero-Buffa.