Espirit De Coeur Award

The Esprit de Coeur Award is designed to recognize an active CREW member who continually puts their heart and soul into CREW Orlando. The individual has demonstrated a strong commitment to furthering CREW Orlando’s goals and purposes; has enthusiastically participated in CREW Orlando events; and has promoted CREW Orlando as an organization in a recognizable way. Nomination should describe why the nominee is a successful CREW Orlando ambassador.

Criteria for the Esprit de Coeur Award may include:

  • promoting the mission and goals of CREW;
  • consistently recruiting new members to CREW;
  • networking and mentoring with other CREW Orlando members;
  • length of membership and frequency of participation in CREW Orlando events;
  • enthusiasm and creativity in promoting and supporting CREW Orlando and its events;
  • sustained and devoted efforts in planning and participating in CREW events, activities and committees;
  • consistently reaching out to fellow CREW members when in need of a service that a fellow CREW member provides;
  • consistently referring CREW members to other CREW members;
  • facilitating the introduction of CREW members to other CREW members;
  • actively participating and consistently attending on one or more CREW committees;
  • bringing new and fresh ideas to the committee(s) they serve on; and
  • being a reliable resource in the planning and execution of the committee’s goals.

Past Recipients:

Gina Brown, Natalee Gleiter, Amy McCook, Chiara Clatterbuck, Jennifer Pollock, Libby Wingard, Natalee Gleiter.

Past Member of the Year Recipients:
Tracy de Lemos, Barbie Schalmo, Mimi Flatley, Libby Wingard, Demrie Graham, Valerie Grandin, Lydia Wing, Jane Smalley, Emily Zinaich, Melodye Marvin.

Past Affiliate Member of the Year Recipients:
Kelli Russell.

Past Networker of the Year Recipients:
Raymond Schumann.

Past Committee Member of the Year Recipients:
Nikki Carolan.