Outstanding Networking Achievement of the Year Award

The Outstanding Networking Achievement of the Year Award recognizes an outstanding networking experience between two or more members of CREW Orlando and/or CREW Network. Nominees must be active members, in good standing, of CREW Orlando and/or CREW Network at the time of the deal and at the time of nomination. Nominations in this category are not limited to real estate transactions, but may include career development opportunities, such as significant business referrals.

Criteria for the Outstanding Networking Achievement of the Year Award may include:

  • promoting and exchanging member-to-member business between two or more CREW members;
  • the number of professional disciplines involved;
  • creativity and complexity of the networking experience;
  • number of deals and/or referrals between the nominated CREW members;
  • impact of the achievement on community or region;
  • impact on individual(s) or business(es) involved in deal/referral; and
  • the stage of deal/achievement.

Note that nominations may be submitted at any time in the process of the deal, but greater weight may be given to completed deals or those nearing completion of the nominee's work. Bids and proposals that have not yet been awarded or accepted do not qualify for this award.
More than one Outstanding Networking Achievement of the Year Award may be awarded when warranted.

Past Recipients:

  • CI Group Showroom: Brea Kernon, Dorrie Knizatko, Tony Hanson, Yvonne Baker
  • Equinox Development: Kirkman Station - Vicki Berman, Anna Long, Nikki Carolan, Shanna Cole, Mary Pat Dunleavy, Emily Smith, Amy McCook, Ivona Minossora.
  • Sale of Class A Medical Office Portfolio - Anne Spencer, Cindy Schooler, Mary Pat Dunleavy, Shanna Cole, Stephanie Landis.
  • Upgrades and renovations to Orlando City Hall - Doris Wasson, Laurie Botts, Laura Carroll, Dorrie Knizatko, Tara Bleakley, Libby Wingard, Bonnie Nienhuis, Amy Gordon.
  • Lexus Dealership - Vicki Berman, Anna Long, Richard Haines, Joe Harris, Stephanie Landis.

Past Networking Deal of Year Recipients:

  • Cushman & Wakefield Corporate Offices - Avery Donaudy, Jennifer Barrows, Beverly Bell, Wanda Riley, ASD Architects, Herman Miller, Inc.
  • Multiple tenant improvement projects - Libby Wingard, Natalee Gleiter, Courtney Mitravich, Tony Hanson, Karen Moorefield, Danny Gordon, Steve Belflower.
  • CNL Heritage Park Office Building and Brasfield & Gorrie New Regional Headquarters Office - Hannah Wickham, Steve Belflower, Danny Gordon, Karen Moorefield, Wayne Allred, Avery Donaudy, Sandra Saft.
  • A. Duda & Sons, Inc. 1031 Exchange: Vicki Berman, Mary Pat Dunleavy, Christine Weingart, Janna Shearman (New Orleans CREW), Sally Hasenfratz (CREW Member-at-Large, Susan Talley (New Orleans CREW).
  • UBS Financial Services, Regions Bank Building - Betsy Owens, Natalee Gleiter.
  • Acquisition of property by Crossroads Community Church - Mindy Boehm, Demrie Graham, Lydia Wing.
  • Emily Zinaich, Karen Moorefield, Kristin Brown, Jan Rothfield.
  • Sandy Chace, Karen Moorefield, Hannah Wickham.
  • Cecelia Bonifay, Kathy Leo.
  • Holly Storrs, Jan Rothfeld.
  • Betty Crovato, Vicky Giordano.