New Member Spotlight: Sirena Madden

December 17, 2019
This is a picture of me and my family visiting our home away from home, New York City. I love traveling with my husband and two kids, we also love to run 5Ks, and visit the beach as often as possible. If there is a day that ends in y, chances are we are outside exploring. 

Sirena Madden

Principal, CMAC Partners
  • With whom would you like to connect (by industry or person)? 
    • Though I am eager to meet as many people and industries as possible, I would like to currently focus on those in the development (construction), architecture, lending, interior design, and/or project management. If possible healthcare-related but my firm also has a general commercial lending division as well. 
  • What would you like to get out of CREW? 
    • My main objective is to build relationships with those in the industry (healthcare-focused but open to all). I also want to soak in as much as possible so I may increase my knowledge base, and become more aware of certain trends that my clients are facing or will potentially face. 
  • How can CREW and its members help you? 
    • As of now, what will be helpful is staying alert either by email or text or social media of all the opportunities and events that I can partake in as a Member.