Women Who Built Us: Karen Kurta

March 19, 2021

Karen Kurta

Karen is a 12+-year veteran in the CRE industry and is the owner of Karen K Photo. She’s an award-winning marketer and photographer, an educator, and she was awarded CREW Orlando’s 2018 Rising Star. She’s active in the community, involved in the Seminole County Chamber and the Professional Photographers of Central Florida. She is currently serving on the CREW Orlando 2021 board.

Have you had any specific experiences – good or bad – relative to your being a woman in the traditionally male dominated field of CRE?
Being a woman, and a woman in marketing, posed a number of challenges. Marketers are traditionally undervalued in my experience, especially in male-dominated industries. There were so many times when my role was summarized as “making things look pretty,” and that used to really get under my skin. I felt like I was constantly having to prove my value where my male counterparts did not. It was exhausting, quite frankly!

If you could do anything different than the path you have been on, what would change? 
I wish I would gone out on my own sooner! It was scary to take the risk, but I feel like I do better work and am able to help more companies succeed than ever before. It’s so rewarding!

In one sentence, what would be your advice to young woman entering the professional world?
Never stop learning.

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