Women Who Built Us: Cindy Schooler

April 23, 2021

Cindy Schooler

Cindy currently serves as managing director for Trinity Commercial Group -- the first female in the company’s history to serve in this role. In fact, she was recently named a top 10 CRE Female Broker in Florida by Connect Media, and was only one of two national market leaders for SRS Real Estate Partners. In the community, Cindy has been involved with ICSC, CREW SWFL and United Way. 

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement? 
Family… being married for 35 years, raising three wonderful sons and watching them have eight beautiful grandchildren. Careers come and go and change with the seasons of your life, but your family is your true legacy.

Have you had any specific experiences – good or bad – relative to your being a woman in the traditionally male dominated field of CRE?  
Being a female CRE Broker is a tough profession and not for the faint of heart.  Learning how to be firm, direct and not waiver from you position takes skill and confidence. Women who trust themselves and can anchor in their knowledge and expertise in hard situations earn the respect of their audience -- female and male alike.
Many times, I have been in a room of all men and have felt a level of intimidation but then I step back and remember that most of the fear and hesitation is self-talk, and the majority of men in the room are just waiting for me to present the facts and direction with a level of expertise.

What has been the greatest surprise in your career journey? 
Becoming CREW Orlando President. It was such an honor to be elected and lead an amazing group of women. I remember sitting in the audience at the Miami CREW Convention (my first) having only been a member for a year and saying “I want to be President of CREW Orlando someday.”

I was not sure how it was going to happen but I knew it would be life altering. The journey to becoming president was filled with so many learning experiences. It taught me how to work with a team, present ideas, challenge issues and celebrate successes.  I have made lifelong “sisters” that have been my champions. Without them I would never have succeeded in reaching my goal as president. CREW has and will continue to be my anchor in my CRE career journey.

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