Women Who Built Us: Angela Garzia

July 16, 2021

Angela Garzia

Angela Garzia is a Chief Engineer with Professional Service Industries, Inc. (PSI) -- a firm she has been with for more than 24 years. In addition to her tenure in the engineering consulting industry, she is a regular volunteer with the children's ministry at Hope Church. 

What skills do you believe are key to your success/or what specific skills do you say are key to success in your industry or discipline?
I am a very organized person, a planner. I use lists to keep everything on track.  As we get busy in our careers, it's very easy for things to slip through the cracks. Having a list(s) that you reference and regularly update helps keep those things from getting missed. I also live by my Outlook calendar. I put my work, personal appointments and things to do on the calendar, with timed alerts for the more time-sensitive items. 

Have you had any specific experiences – good or bad – relative to your being a woman in the traditionally male dominated field of CRE?  
Overall, I have been quite fortunate in this regard. There are definitely situations that can be more awkward being the only woman in the room (i.e., during site construction meetings, etc.), but I have been fortunate in that I have not experienced direct overt bias against me as being a woman in my chosen male-dominated field. 

What would be your advice to young women entering the professional world? 
Join a professional association related to your field early, and get mentoring from others who have been in your chosen field for a while. It's also a great opportunity if you can establish a relationship specifically with another woman who has already gone through what you are about to experience. In the office/department I was hired into straight out of college, I had some great women who I worked with right away. If you don’t have that in your individual workplace, a professional organization is a great place for you to meet and be mentored by other strong women in your field. 

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