Women Who Built Us: Stephanie Weidner Landis

August 20, 2021

Stephanie Weidner Landis

Currently a Business Development Manager at Intertek - PSI, Stephanie Weidner Landis has flourished in the CRE field for more than 20 years. During her career, she has been involved in the NAIOP Commercial Real Estate Development Association and Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS). She prides herself on her determination and her drive to go above and beyond.

Have you had any specific experiences – good or bad – relative to your being a woman in the traditionally male-dominated field of CRE? 
In such a male-dominated industry, I believe women have to go the extra mile. You need the confidence to express your opinions, as well as the ability to admit when you are wrong.  Perseverance coupled with forbearance is also essential, especially when trying to win over new clients.  One of the best compliments I received as a Business Development Manager was when a client said, “Thank you, Stephanie. You bugged me just enough!”. Finally, the simple skill of research. Know your clients, know your industry, know your services, and know who to ask when you don’t know the answer.

What is your favorite quote? 
“Those who don’t read have no advantage over those who can’t.” – Mark Twain. I’m such an avid reader and really believe that reading has made me a smarter person.

Who do you consider to be the greatest influence in your career?
My father. I’m the only person in my immediate family to go to college and it has always been my father who has motivated me and told me I could always achieve more. When I graduated with my MBA, my father gave me a present of a framed poem that he wrote and it has been on my office wall ever since.  It simply says “Be ethical, be confident, be creative, be thoughtful and logical, be positive, be yourself, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.” I truly think this advice and the encouragement from my father have been the key to my successes as a professional.

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