March Member to Member Business

March 16, 2022

Angela Garzia, PSI 
Tracy de Lemos, SECO Energy    
Angela and Tracy are working on a contract that will allow PSI to perform environmental due diligence on an as-needed basis for SECO Energy.

Michelle Lerner-Konopatski, Baskervill
Anne Spencer, Cushman & Wakefield
Multiple/ongoing deals for Oviedo Medical Office space

Karen Kurta, Karen K Photo
Wanda Riley, Cushman & Wakefield
Karen created on-location team photos for an upcoming Cushman & Wakefield advertisement.

Karen Kurta, Karen K Photo
Jeni Dzenis, Smartegies
Karen created brand photography and headshots for Jeni's client for a website update.

Melinda Colon, FortisOBM
Each of these ladies has referred me to businesses in need of marketing services. I am grateful to them for their thoughtfulness. 

  • Karen Kurta referral: TLC Engineering Solutions
  • Jeni Dzenis referral: Smartegies
  • Mimi Flatley referral: Turner Construction