2022 Veteran’s Day – Member Spotlight

November 10, 2022

What is your name? 
Jen Pollock

Who is your employer? 
Ameris Bank

What is your current profession or role in commercial real estate?  
Jen is a commercial real estate and business banker.  She provides financing to business owners for their working capital, equipment, and real estate needs, and to commercial real estate investors and developers for acquisitions, refinances, ground up construction, and tenant improvements.

What is your involvement in CREW Orlando? 
Jen has been a member of CREW Orlando since 2008.  She served three years on the CREW Orlando Board of Directors and remains active as a committee member in UCREW and Membership.  Jen has also served on CREW National’s Finance committee and has been selected as a 2023 incoming member of CREW National’s Scholarship committee.

How has your experience as a military veteran shaped the person you are today?  
Early in life, I joined the Army; responsibly as a means to go to college (I come from very humble beginnings), but equally for the adventure.  Looking back, it was an indelible watermark decision that shaped ‘who’ and ‘how’ I’d grow from then on.  The ingrained discipline I learned has served me well in my personal and professional world.  Being a veteran has given me a specific and pragmatic lens on the world.  Particularly, it allows me to set aside most all ‘noise’ surrounding business dealings, focus on the facts, and most importantly, not to take things personally. People will remember your actions, not your opinions.  

Why is Veteran’s Day important to you?
Veteran’s Day is important to me because regardless of the initial reason an individual chooses to join the military, or whether they comprehend the levity of their choice at the time, a soldier does give all of themselves for the betterment of this country during the time served.  That is a worthy endeavor to honor and to be grateful for.