Member Spotlight: Melinda Colón

January 17, 2023
Melinda, you launched your business, FortisOBM, five years ago.  Congratulations on your anniversary! 
Thank you! I first launched FortisOBM as a “side hustle,” but two years ago, I held my breath and took the plunge into full-time entrepreneurship. I love it!  I can use my talents, experience, and skillset to help others grow their brands. At FortisOBM, we blend creativity into the way people already live, work, and play--even if in a small way--and our clients achieve measurable results.

How does FortisOBM provide value to commercial real estate professionals? 
The creative professionals with FortisOBM develop marketing strategies and offer brand support, including copywriting and graphics. We provide digital marketing, like website design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), email campaigns, social media, podcasts and video. Not all companies have this capability in-house. Those that do still benefit from our external support, whether on a regular basis or for special projects.

You became a member of CREW Orlando just a few months ago, yet you’ve already conducted a wildly popular “Members Only” event.  Can you describe your involvement with CREW Orlando?  
That event was fun for me too! I’m proud of the members who developed skills they are already applying to their social media “game”.  
It’s important to make thoughtful decisions before embarking on any new endeavor.  Before joining CREW Orlando, I committed to do all I could to learn and grow as a professional. I work to achieve my goal through active involvement and providing value to others.  

This year, I’ve led the Social Media “Members Only” event; participated in our Habitat for Humanity build day; helped procure a panelist for our Mission Critical luncheon; written a press release for the Mural Project; and started a local minority vendor list. I am an active member of the Communications Committee. I’m proud of my accomplishments and look forward to seeing what 2023 has in store for me! 

Can you explain to the over-50 crowd why they should use social media?
Life is about growing, right?!  In order to grow we have to evolve. And friends, social media is NOT going away! So don’t fear it or avoid it… Embrace it!!  Quite a few members from that over-50 crowd participated in Social Media Members Only event, and I see them engaging!

What do you love most about your job?
I love problem solving! When I was five, I woke up before my parents and used those quiet early hours to take apart my “Big Bird” Sesame Street alarm clock.  And then I’d put it back together.  I’d do it over and over again. Even as a 5-year old, I loved figuring out how things worked! 
As a marketer, I harness my curiosity to help my clients achieve goals, improve strategy, and bring joy into their marketing initiatives.

What can we expect from Melinda and from FortisOBM in 2023? 
FortisOBM is continuing to grow and reach firms wherever they are geographically.  We have clients up and down the East Coast, Midwest, and West Coast, and we provide the highest level of customer service.  And we are still expanding our reach!
Personally, I’m learning to delegate to my team more effectively, so I can handle more speaking engagements!

Tell us something about you that will surprise us!
Years ago, I entered a restaurant contest to win a free meal by eating the hottest and spiciest wings on the menu!  Wow--I never drank so much milk in my life.