James (Jay) Groves

James (Jay) Groves
Executive Director, Lake Nona Performance Club

Featured Speaker

Jay Groves, EdD, MMHC, ACSM-CEP currently serves as the Executive Director of the Lake Nona Performance Club in Orlando, Florida. Jay came to Orlando from Princeton, New Jersey in 2019, following a five-year tenure as the Executive Director of Population Health Management for Fitness & Wellness Professional Services.  Previously, Jay enjoyed a 30- year career (1984-2014) at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee where his roles and interests included Clinical Exercise Physiology, Corporate Wellness, Medical Fitness, Integrative Medicine, Health Coaching and Rehabilitation Medicine. Jay’s primary professional passion is helping individuals develop and maintain a lifestyle which supports their optimal health and wellbeing.

Jay’s attention was first drawn to Lake Nona over two years ago when close friends living in the area made him aware of the plans to construct a comprehensive, integrative health and medical fitness center in the heart of the Town Center. Jay’s desire to be a part of the project is rooted in his belief that Lake Nona will redefine the way we think about planned communities, the role of technology and the built environment in supporting and sustaining healthy behaviors for individuals and families alike.  

Jay has been married for 35+ years and has four adult children, all of whom reside in various parts of the US. Jay is a resident of Orlando and in his spare time enjoys hiking, golf, cycling, yardwork, reading and any moment he can spend in nature with his family and friends.  

Jay will be speaking at CREW Orlando's May 19, 2021 program.