Members Only: Respecting Differences for Cultural Competence
A Diversity/Implicit Bias Workshop

Date February 10, 2022
Location UCF Downtown Campus (Parramore Room)
Time 1 - 4 PM

Join GetREAL for a multi-industry diversity/implicit bias workshop led by Darrell Butler - a 25-year veteran in DE&I consulting and training.

Members: Watch your email for the invitation to register or email for the link.

UCF Downtown
500 West Livingston Street, Parramore Room
Orlando, FL 32801

“GetREAL” Seeks to Advance Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Orlando Real Estate, Architecture and Land Use Industries

Several local professional associations that service the real estate, architecture and land use industries have come together to launch GetReal – a collaborative effort designed to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in these various industries. We are working with Darrell Butler, President of Butler Consulting Group -BC Innovations, to hold an implicit bias/diversity workshop for our respective industries.

Together we'll explore the tools you can use to better understand and implement diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in your organization. We'll also learn how we can support other organizations and groups in their journey to implement DE&I initiatives.

Come be a part of the conversation and learn how to make our industries more diverse, equitable, and inclusive. We'll also have a networking happy hour immediately following the event at The Monroe in Creative Village.